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22 January 2007 @ 11:15 am
Sanity: it is overrated  
[Public] Rysia shares. http://dashingdamien.blogspot.com/2007/01/really-nice-dhl-ad.html
[Public] Benden dies.
[Public] Neiran is afraid to click.
[Public] Rysia: Make with the clickity!
[Public] Rysia: Or wait, you're in class.
[Public] Rysia: Don't make with the clickity!
[Public] Benden: Silence the sound.
[Public] Benden: THEN make with the clickity.
[Public] Rysia: You are wise... but still not sane.
[Public] Neiran always has laptop sound off in class. <.<
[Public] Benden also likes cheese. :D
[Public] Rysia: Yay, cheese!
[Public] Neiran: Cheese is delicious. :D
[Public] Benden has a wedge of gorgonzola sitting at home waiting for me. Pining away for my blissful presence... soon we shall be united again...
[Public] Neiran: I wish I had a wedge of something waiting for me. :/
[Public] Rysia: ....