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19 January 2007 @ 10:42 pm
When Wild Aidas Attack (Coming this fall to FOX!)  

[Public] Aida sneaks over, retrieves drinks, sneaks back to corner.
[Public] Telgar disappears into a corner to munch forever in bliss.
[Public] D'ven: G'day! This here is a wild Aida, and I'm about to try and get real close. One of these will bash your head in, see that shovel? Nasty piece of work!
[Public] Neiran: <.<
[Public] Aida falls over laughing.
[Public] Aida <3
[Public] Reyce laughs! Go ahead, D'ven, poke it.
[Public] Reyce wants an award for this documentary.
[Public] D'ven: Okay. I'm just gonna sneak up. Closer, closer...then I'm gonna jam my thumb right up its....are you getting this, Reyce?
[Public] Aida ...
[Public] Neiran: Kancho!
[Public] Reyce gives a thumbs up! Go for it!
[Public] Aida whacks D'ven. With the shovel.
[Public] D'ven goes cross-eyed and falls over.
[Public] Reyce zooms in to film the pain close-up! The producers will get you medical help, D'ven.
[Public] Neiran: The medical help is eating brownies.
[Public] Aida stalks Reyce next.
[Public] Aida: (It's always funny when the cameraman runs, isn't it?)
[Public] Reyce pulls a mojito out of his pocket and leaves it there to distract Aida while he backs away.
[Public] Aida: Oooooh, shiny.
[Public] Aida steals mojito, goes back to hide under her rock.
[Public] Reyce makes lots of money off the film. Yay!
[Public] Aida: Hooray!
[Public] Aida: I hope a lil' of that gets kicked back my way.
[Public] Reyce: I'll use it to buy you a mojito every month for two months.
[Public] Aida: Yay!
[Public] Aida: Hey, wait.
[Public] Neiran: What about that house in the keys, Rey?
[Public] Aida sulks.
[Public] Reyce: You already said Yay! No takebacks. (And shut up, Neiby, shut up!)
[Public] Aida: Dangit.
[Public] Neiran sobs silently into his lace hanky.
[Public] Jensen: Who made you cry?
[Public] Reyce invites Neiran to his house in the keys.
[Public] Reyce: No one made him cry, Jensen. He's ... practicing for a play, that's all!
[Public] D'ven convulses silent, waiting for that damn medical help.
[Public] Aida siiiighs, gives D'ven 'medical help'.
[Public] Neiran coughs.
[Public] Vanya brings her medical kit and treats D'ven.
[Public] Neiran absconds to the keys.