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05 January 2007 @ 06:15 pm
Flight Antics  

Roa says, "okay, guys, we're past the 2 hr mark. I originally said 4 rounds of chase, 1 round of final poses. Do you want to cut that down so this is the last chase, the next round is final poses? Or is everyone okay for 1 more round of casery? I'm a happy camper, either way."
[Public] Connor: Man. If only I had known that was an option. I need some good memories to take home and tell Daddy about.
Reyce will leave it up to the two actual, y'know, riders. ;)
Roa says, "cHasery"
[Public] Sefton: I believe a rounded education is important.
[Public] Sefton: Of course, Roa has few curves, but needs must.
[Public] Miniyal: And people wonder why I want the caucus gone.
[Public] Connor: How many do R'vain and D'ven have?
[Public] Neiran: If Roa is a rounded education, I think I'm pure trigonometry.
[Public] Roa wonders if she can borrow Bashie for a bit from Aida...
D'ven says, "What say you, R'vain? I'm not on top of my game pose wise, but I'm happy to go either way."
[Public] Miniyal: To use on Sefton, yes? *hopeful*
R'vain is good with either. Ha!
R'vain passes the ball back to Reyce.
Reyce says, "My god, neither of you deserves to be Weyrleader. The quarter on my desk is more decisive than you."
[Public] Miniyal: Ahaha. No one makes a decision. Yes, we've got good potential leadership. 'I don't know. What do you want?' 'I don't know. What about you?' 'Dunno.'
Reyce says, "Quarter says, cut it down."
R'vain says, "We're /accommodating./"
[Monitor] K'rom has connected.
[Public] Reyce: And it all comes down to chance.
[Public] Connor: Accommodating: Caucus speak for 'no backbone'.
D'ven says, "We like people to feel they have a voice in our administration."
[Public] Miniyal laughs!
Roa says, "cut it down it is. This from the NPCer. heeheehee."
R'vain says, "It's diplomacy."
Reyce says, "I like how the peanut gallery is chiming in to make fun of you two. I love you, peanut gallery."
D'ven says, "When one of us is Weyrleader, the peanut gallery will be shelled and eaten. Possibly with a nice chianti."
R'vain leans over to D'ven. I'll make you a deal. Whichever of us it is, first act is to eat the... uh... yes. That.
D'ven says, "You know me too well. Deal."
[Monitor] Jensen has connected.
Reyce says, "They will rue the day they lost J'cor. Although it's a little sad that it requires cannabalism to make him look good by comparison."
D'ven says, "This entire bit needs to be left in the log, or put in the bottom of it, or something for posterity."